Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Festivals in Venice

hotel in veniceWhile were enjoying in hotels Venetië, we find that Venice is a city which is also well known for its festivals and that is why we want to enjoy more famous festivals in Venice, but it was not possible. Now i have decided that next time when i will go Venice with my boyfriend then i must attend the Saint Mark's Day, which is one of the most famous festivals in Venice. On this day it is an appealing and romantic tradition that every man in Venice gives a single rose bud, the "bocolo" to his girlfriend to show love and lots of love.

venice hotel I am also interested to enjoy the Redentore which is one of the most spectacular and famous festivals in Venice. This festival is loved by Venetians and tourists also. This festival is famous for its elegant firework display in the evening, hundreds of well illuminated boats, decorated with boughs and coloured balloons those begin congregating in Saint Mark's Basin. Overall i can say that Venice is a spectacular city and you must enjoy that famous festivals in Venice, while vacationing in hotels Venice.

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